Steam Washers

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  • Steam Washer

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    Application: steam cleaning and sanitizing of floors and fabrics Electric Power: 1500 W Voltage: 127V/220V single-phase Weight: 6 kg Max pressure: 58 lbs. Water temperature: 98 °C More information Dimensions 280x250x400 mm Electric cord: 5 m Amperage: 12 A / 7 A Link to video:
  • Steam Washer – Dual Function

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    The Dual Function Steam Washer not only injects steam at 140 °C for general cleaning of oils, greases, and stains, but can also be used to clean and sanitize carpets and upholstery, as it simultaneously vacuums surfaces. Ecologically correct, it does not require the use of chemicals and saves water in the cleaning process. Technical Data:
    • Portable steam cleaner for professional use
    • Simultaneously injects steam and vacuums
    • Can be used uninterruptedly as the water tank can be filled without the need to cool the boiler
    • Ideal for places that require deep cleaning
    • Able to clean heavy dirt like grease and oils
    • 7-liter waste tank
    • Boiler capacity up to 2.5 liters
    • Steam temperature of approximately 140 °C
    • 1000 W vacuum power
    • 2 × 1000 kW boiler power